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Fear of Aging

Fear of Aging

The Infinite Mother Was Asked

Dear Infinite Mother,

I wish to ask about my fear of and discomfort with physical changes especially related to beauty and aging. I am also confused about my spiritual progress because of such human concerns as time, money, biological clock, genetics, family, marriage, parenthood, sex, career, and more. I am especially concerned about the loss of youth, beauty, and the impact this has on my self-esteem. I realize that I have this tendency to feel alone while playing a seemingly self-imposed futile waiting game in pursuit of solutions that may never come. I seek clarity, guidance, support, divine magic, solutions and lasting happiness and peace of mind. I ask for miracles from The Infinite Mother, the Source of All Life. Please help me.

C.A., 39 y/o

The Infinite Mother's Response

Dearest C.A.,

What you are going through is part of your unique response to one of the important developmental milestones in your life here on Earth, also known as your 'rites of passage'.  Your message points to the discomfort and confusion underlying the transitional changes you are experiencing as you go through your 'rites of passage' towards spiritual maturity.  The physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of aging are the main themes you are currently feeling quite strongly about.

It is good that you are expressing all these in writing as it helps you gain perspective as well as formulate a map of the processes and perceptions going on within you.  You may have noticed that the very act of writing these down, sending them out to The Infinite Mother, while intending to gain insight and find resolution, already lifts some of the weight that you were carrying in your mind and heart earlier.

When you ask The Infinite Mother for clarity, insight, and grace, you are tapping into the Source of infinite possibilities and the Akashic Records of lives and events throughout time and space.  When you tap into this vast field of information and tune into what resonates to what you are going through in the current phase in you life's unfoldment, you allow grace to permeate your being, bringing you a sense of communion with everything that you need in the moment to achieve balance and heal the parts of you in need of nurturance, love, and light.  Negativity eventually clears and you become open to the answers that you seek.

This written message of response is only the starting point, as it were, of a series of synchronistic signs and symbols around you.  Slow down and find time to contemplate and reflect on the reasons for your discomfort and confusion with regards to aging and the fear of loss.  There are things in the past that you are holding on to for some reason.  You may unnecessarily be holding onto belief systems, programmed mind sets, conditioned behaviors and habitual expressions that may have worked for you in the past, but which by now, do not anymore bring positive outcomes and healthy results.  You will need to become acutely aware of these things as much as you possibly can, for therein lies the solutions,  resolutions, and timely changes, shifts or transformation that your soul is seeking currently.  This is an intuitive process.  Intend to be receptive of the guidance that you need and allow the spiritual messages to reach your conscious awareness at this time.

Consider the 'Bigger Picture', where fear is only an expression of the mind in response to a perceived threat to your sense of self.  This fear can actually be helpful by becoming the catalyst to propel you towards the next phase of your unfoldment, growth and development as a living being journeying towards higher states of consciousness and renewed aliveness. 

Your fear of aging, and the perceived loss associated with it, is a call to integrate and make peace with the things in your life that may need attention but for one reason or another weren't given due attention in the past.  When one by one, you begin to become aware of these things that need attention, healing and integration within you, you place yourself at the best possible position to dynamically and gracefully flow into the next level of your development.

Now this is easier said than done.  This is because the 'saying' part is unmanifested, though it is the seed from which the next steps to take will spring from, while the 'doing' part would be the said steps to take.  The 'doing' part in this context, is essentially what Life is about.  Life is about dynamism, animation, aliveness, progression, development, unfoldment, 'rites of passage', process, phases and cycles.  In order to feel vital and alive, we establish enough rooom for movement and flow within our lives.

With that said, one of the most important things for you to become aware of at this time, is your need for flow and movement in your life, which is currently being limited or blocked  by the past, expressed in your life as fear and discomfort of aging.  As mentioned earlier, these limitations and blockages stem from areas and aspects of self and life that need attention, healing and integration within you.

So first, find what needs attention, healing and integration.  You might be surprised that releasing even a seemingly small thing you may have been holding onto for far too long, can be significantly liberating, allowing you to gain the momentum for further healing and integration.   As you find solutions and resolutions from the process of releasing obsolete patterns of being, you subsequently find yourself more and more able to naturally flow and feel alive.  This will not only bring you much valued health and vitality each step of the way, but also help slow down the natural aging process and redefine your understanding and experience of youthfulness way into the advancing years of your life.  This is what is usually called "aging gracefully".  When you begin to get in touch with this experience of maturity in grace, you shall find that going through the 'rites of passage' leading to spiritual maturity as you advance in age, brings with it the fruits of serenity, equanimity and wisdom.  These fruits of spiritual maturity revolutionizes how you perceive, understand and appreciate life.  You shall begin to experience joy instead of fear or worry, thus bringing you peace and serenity that lasts.  

Cultivate patience and be gentle on yourself.  Take it a step at a time.  Journal your experiences when you can.  Spend time with people who truly value you for all that you are and not just for any image imposed upon or expected of you.  Find ways of flowing naturally and moving freely in ways that make you feel alive and happy.  Rest assured that you are beautiful and alive.

Whenever you feel stuck and may need further assistance, ask The Infinite Mother and you shall be given what you may need as spiritual nourishment and inspiration in the moment, to help you persevere in your quest for truth, love, peace and wholeness.

The Infinite Mother Showers You with Miracles right Here, right Now.

You are Blessed.  You are Nourished.  You are Loved.

Always remember that it has been said:

"Ask and you shall receive.  Seek and you shall find.  Knock and it shall be opened to you"



Ask The Infinite Mother

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