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Tools for Tranquility and Well-Being

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Personalized Mini Zen Garden Kit

Relieve stress while you tend to your Zen garden.  Raking through the sands in your mini-garden
may serve as one of the tools that can help you focus and contemplate so as to experience
clarity, inner calm, and serenity especially during challenging and hectic days.

Each set includes a wooden tray, a small bag of white sand, a plastic rake, and smooth rocks.

The Tray will be personalized with etching and/or painting with writing and/or artwork
by Intuitive Artist Maria Celeste Garcia according to your request. 

*Price of personalized item is $11.11 USD*

Above price already includes fees for shipping within the U.S.A.
contact the Artist/Seller before purchasing if you want the product shipped
outside the U.S.A. as the shipping and handling fees would need to be adjusted accordingly.
You may contact the Artist/Seller by filling her contact form at

Kindly read the full product description for more information by clicking the Item Name.

Price  $ 11.11
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